TT Partners

Tomi’s Treats and Schools

Kids should have a healthy, balanced lifestyle. This is why you will often see Tomi's Treats at school fun days, sports days or supporting child-focused competitions such as Creative Focus. We are building strong links with local schools, like Priory Prep in Lekki, as we want to be there when kids are at their happiest, and healthiest. You can see pictures of some of these events on our Facebook and Twitter pages.

Tomi’s Treats and Social Responsibility

Our products are aimed at giving people the best start in life. We feel very lucky to be able to do so, and firmly believe we have a social responsibility to help those less fortunate or suffering conditions beyond their control. That is why we have a registered foundation called TKK Foundation that is funded with 10% of Tomi's Treats and our sister company Marina HR Solutions annual profits.

TKK Foundation

TKK Foundation is a not-for-profit NGO that works to empower children in Nigeria. Our foundation provides
1. Scholarship funds to students for Secondary Education
2. Scholarship funds to students for Tertiary Education
3. Children Rugby Sports clubs through our sister company Mini Touch Rugby to improve health, general wellbeing and develop team working skills in children.

For more information and to apply for our scholarships please visit