5 Practical Ways to Baby-Proof your Home

As a new mom or an expectant mom, one of the things you need to do is to ensure your home is safe for your baby. We know you are joyed and expectant, but we would like to remind you to create a safe space for your bundle of joy.

Safety starts from different daily habits you begin to cultivate in your home.

However, the tips we are about to share in this article also applies to moms with toddlers at home, not just new moms. 

Here are 5 Practical Ways to Baby-Proof your Home:

  1. Secure toilet lids: You definitely don’t want your baby to be playing with toilet water! Kindly make sure all toilet lids are always secure. Also, don’t forget to lock the door.
  2. Secure furniture to the walls: This ensures that there are no spaces at the back of your set of furniture for your baby to crawl or climb there.
  3. Install safety latches: Take out some time to install latches on your drawers and doors so your kid won’t slam the drawers or doors on their hands. There are different latches you can buy including the spring type, magnetic ones, slide locks, and so on.
  4. Keep your baby’s crib safe: Your job doesn’t just stop at getting a crib, you need to ensure you understand the appropriate crib height for your baby’s age. Remember that you need to adjust the height of your baby’s crib as they develop.
  5. Keep an eye on electricity: Ensure that wires are kept and tucked away neatly while you switch off sockets that aren’t in use. As much as possible, keep electric socket or equipment away from your baby’s play area.
  6. Secure stairs: It is important to use gates around stairs so your baby doesn’t crawl down the stairs. There are some stairs specifically created for preventing babies to crawl down. It is important to place safety gates at the tops of stairs, or close and lock doors that lead to stairwells.

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