Sweet Potato, Carrot & Apple

Sweet Potato, Carrot & Apple

Ingredients: Organic apple 55%, Organic carrot 23%, Organic sweet potato 22%, a drop of organic lemon . Nutrition/Per 100g: Energy (KJ/kcal) - 198KJ/47kcal / Protein (g)  - 0.5g/100g / Carbohydrates (g)  - 11.9g/100g / Of which sugars (g)  - 9.9g/100g / Fat (g) - <0.2g/100g / Of which saturates (g) -  <0.1g/100g / Fibre (g)  -  1.2g /100g / Sodium (g) -  <0.02g/100g

Part of your child’s 5 a day
Suitable from 6 months+
Vegetarian friendly
Travel friendly

Tomi's Treats contains

NO artificial sweeteners
NO artificial colours
NO added salt or sugar
NO gluten or dairy
NO GM ingredients
NO thickeners
NO E numbers

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