Time Management Tips for Parents

There have been changes to parenting over time, and the different times present unique challenges. Being a parent can be a rude awakening due to the level of responsibilities involved. As a parent, you play a huge role in the formation of a human being from scratch, which means the hope of the world rests with you as your child is going to inhabit in it.
In today’s world, parents have to juggle many activities even as they care for their children. Below are few time management tips that hopefully will help make it less stressful.

1. Have a SCHEDULE, and follow it!
Building routines will help structure the days as they come. From breakfast to preparing for work, doctor appointments, visits and other activities as they apply to you, having a fixed timetable will definitely be a plus.
For most people, self-control is at its peak early in the day. Having a prior plan will help channel all the energy constructively. Starting your day early is advisable. When your energy is bursting at its fullest, it is best to tackle tasks as they come without procrastinating. The night before, take out time to list all tasks and align them with your routine. Making these lists is not enough, they need to be prioritized and adhered to.

2. Don’t be afraid to seek HELP!
Some days or periods would be very hectic as a parent. There are bad stories with nannies, but there are good ones. Help here could be requesting more spousal support, a short time help, or any available option as they apply. You could outsource certain tasks –say strenuous ones– while you handle the rest. As the children grow, teach them to take care of some of the chores around the house too.

3. Say ‘NO’ sometimes!
When it comes to parenting, it is actually a great asset when you can say ‘no.’ There could too many tasks on ground that need to be taken care of, rejecting or reducing extra workload has its benefits. The key is the relative priority. It is actually in your best interest to say no when you cannot fit it in. Before you say ‘yes’ to anything ‘extra,’ check with your schedule.

4. Make the most of any DOWNTIME.
There would always be that period where a planned activity does not take as much time as expected. There would be delays as well, say traffic, power outage, or downtime of any sort. While a quick nap is not a bad option here, any planned activity that can be sorted remotely will help balance the schedule when other tasks exceed their limits.

5. REST!
This might be a difficult pill to swallow. However, as a parent, you need to rest and unplug from everything too. You might not be able to take care of your sweet child well if you are not on ground to do so in the first place. Do not joke with your sanity; get that rest when you can. Turn off the phone, shut down the computer, bolt the door, and get rest. Yes, the struggle is real as a parent, but you need to be fine to care effectively for your child.

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