Although screen time can be healthy, too much screen time isn’t good for the overall development of children. In recent times, children have become addicted to technology, and as much as creating a limit could prove it is necessary to create a balance.

Below are some screen time tips you can adopt for your kids:

  • USE PARENTAL CONTROLS: Use this to enable you control and monitor what your kids are watching both on television and are doing online. By doing this, your kids are protected from age inappropriate contents.
  • INVOLVE YOUR KIDS IN OTHER ACTIVITIES: Encourage them to actively participate in other fun activities that excludes screens as these days kids are getting really dependent on screens for entertainment.
  • BE THE EXAMPLE: Also make conscious efforts to limit your screen time too, as kids mostly pick up habit from their parents. Avoid staying on your phones and gadgets all day or at your leisure time. Pick up books instead and soon you will see them do the same.
  • SET TIMERS FOR LIMITS: Adopt the use of apps and set timers that can turn off the electronics your kids have access to after a particular time.
  • KEEP THE KIDS FROM SCREENTIME BEFORE BED: Kids are likely to fall asleep faster without distractions from phones, tables, or television.

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