Pregnancy Week 9


Although the baby’s sex cannot be seen on ultrasound scan, its genitals are beginning to form. Up until the ninth week of pregnancy, genitals are the same for both boy and girl babies; after this point they start to change into appearance of a boy or a girl.

Your baby’s fingers and toes are becoming more defined, as are his facial features; ha has a tip to his nose and an upper lip. His tongue is also beginning to develop. His eyes are still shut and will remain so until about week 26-28 of pregnancy. The baby’s head appear very large as his brain is growing very quickly; it is possible to measure his brainwaves at this stage, showing brain activity. He continues to move around and cartilage is beginning to develop.

By this stage in your pregnancy you may have noticed that you have more discharge from the virginal than before you were pregnant. The amount of virginal discharge you have normally varies with your menstrual circle. During pregnancy it is thin and watery, generally clear or whitish in colour, without an offensive smell. Virginal discharge increases due to the effect of your hormones. It is the mixture of secretions and cells from your virginal.

Feeling of fatigue or even exhaustion is extremely common in the early pregnancy. Women are concern about their feelings of tiredness as fatigue is associated with being unwell; however, it is not a cause for worry and is natural during pregnancy.

Eating in the first trimester can be a minefield. You know that you are supposed to eat a varied and healthy diet but you may be feeling nauseous and unable to face many foods. Alternatively, you may have cravings for a restricted or even bizarre selection of foods. Even if you are not eating very much your baby will still be getting everything he needs from your body, and as long as you are managing to eat the occasional food and are drinking enough you shall be all right, no matter how sick you feel.

During the first trimester you do not need extra calories per day so try to eat as normal. Many women do not put on any weight; during this period some women tend to lose weight due to their nausea and vomiting.

You might find that you are more emotional or irritable than normal, have mood swings or just feel emotionally fragile. Pregnancy is a time of great change, Whether or not you have had children previously.

Whether your antenatal care is in the hospital or in a community, for an uncomplicated pregnancy the structure of your appointments will be approximately the same. Traditionally you were seen every four weeks until you were 28 weeks pregnant then every forth night until 36 weeks’ gestation, then weekly until the baby is born.

If it’s your first pregnancy you will have more appointment than if you have had a baby before.

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