Pregnancy Week 26


Your baby continues to mature, he’s moving a lot; during the late second trimester and beginning of the third trimester, he still has a lot of proportionally lots of room to move around. As time progresses he will get bigger in relation to your womb and will have less room to move. When he kicks, your partner may be able to feel it through your tummy. He may repeat actions that he enjoys; sucking his thumb, for instance, help strengthen the muscles in his face and jaw so that he can suck well to get milk after bath.

By week 26 of your pregnancy, your womb will be about 10 inches in height. Your blood volume continues to rise, to about 5 litres, and consequently your heart will beat out more blood per heartbeat. The changes of pregnancy can also affect your mind. You might find yourself having strange dreams, not necessarily about your pregnancy or baby. Many women find out that they become clumsy during pregnancy.

You may have noticed that you are beginning to feel tired, even if you are well rested. This is surprising. Your body is undergoing major changes under the influence of your pregnancy hormones; you are carrying around extra weight and your metabolic rate has increased. Your body is working much harder than it used to, so you feel tired. Try to rest as much as you can perhaps taking short naps in the day if possible.

You may have noticed that you are unable to eat three full meals a day as your stomach has shrunk due to your growing uterus. This means you get fuller quicker and need to eat little and often. Do not skip breakfast as this will increase the likelihood of you developing low blood sugar levels and feeling faint.

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