Pregnancy Week 13


By week 13 your baby’s neck has started to develop and lengthen. His head begin to straighten up instead of being curled into the chest and his chin has also formed; he looks more and more human baby. His intestine continues to develop to help him absorb nutrients from his food in the future. Arms and legs are getting longer and the bones are forming. He continues to move around, and although you can’t feel it yet he may even respond by moving to or away from a prod in the stomach. He can open and close his mouth, stick out his tongue and has even become co-ordinated enough to suck his thumb.

Welcome to the second trimester! This is the most comfortable and enjoyable stage of pregnancy. Most of the difficult early symptoms are over (or soon will be), and your tummy isn't getting in the way yet. If you're still feeling tired, listen to your body and REST. It's working hard right now!

As your uterus stretches, you may feel some abdominal achiness. The ligaments that hold up your uterus stretch to accommodate your growing uterus. This is called "round ligament pain".

Feelings of dizziness are common in pregnancy. You may find that you feel dizzy or lightheaded when you change position or get up after sitting or lying down for a long period of time. This because your blood has pooled in your legs as the weight of your womb presses on the blood vessels in your pelvis, making it harder for the blood to return to your heart. Dizziness can also be a symptom of low blood sugar levels.

It is important to ensure that your diet contains all the major food groups.

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