Pregnancy Week 11


Although you are only eleven weeks pregnant approximately nine weeks from conception, by this stage all your organs are fully formed. He now looks more like a human baby! He has fingers and toes, facial features and a tongue with taste buds.

He will spend the next six months growing and maturing. His skeleton, previously cartilage begins to harden into bone from this point. Although a baby sex is decided by his genes, this may not yet be visible on a scan.

Your breast will have been changing rapidly and it can feel like they are growing exponentially! How much your breast increase in the first trimester may depend on how large your breasts were before you became pregnant.

Weight gain in pregnancy is dependent on your starting weight – how much you weighed before you became pregnant. Women who were underweight before they become pregnant will put on more weight than average during pregnancy, and women who were overweight previously will generally put on less weight during pregnancy.

Many women notice that their nose feels stuffy or blocked during pregnancy, as if they permanently have cold, their ears can also feel blocked or their gums may also bleed especially when they brush their teeth. This is all due to a combination of increase blood supply

You will be given an appointment for your booking visit around the end of the first trimester; the booking visit will probably be the longest antenatal appointment during your pregnancy. The doctor or midwife will ask you many detailed questions about your medical history, any previous pregnancies, your family history and your general health and well-being.

The purpose of booking visit is not just to gain information from you but to give you information about your pregnancy, test and care you can expect.

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