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Baby Week 6

BABY WEEK 6 Music appreciation Now that your baby's awake for longer periods during the day, you can use these times to support his sensory development. Try singing your favorite lullabies by holding your baby firmly under her arms and dance her on a soft surface or playing music. You don't have limit yourself to…
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Baby Week 5

BABY WEEK 5 Head's up! Your baby's neck muscles are getting stronger, which allows her to hold her head up for short periods. She can support it for a few moments while lying on her stomach, for example, and she can probably turn it from side to side. She may be able to hold her…
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Baby Week 1

BABY WEEK 1 Because he was warped up inside your uterus until he was born, your newborn baby will probably look scrunched up for a while, with his arms and legs not fully extended. This is nothing to worry about your baby will stretch out, little by little, and by the time he reaches 6…
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