Quality Time with Your New Born

As a new mum, spending quality time with your baby might be challenging because of lots of activities that would take place after giving birth to your baby. So many visitors coming in and out of your home, lots of baby items to take care of, and you the mum are still trying to adjust to your new lifestyle, and so on. All these might be a bit overwhelming.

How do you then find time to spend quality bonding time with your newborn? Here are some of our suggestions for you.

1. Turn routines into moments you spend quality time with your baby: Take a look at your normal daily routines with your baby such as bath time, feeding time, sleeping time, and so on and turn these moments into bonding moments with your baby. For instance while bathing your baby, you can spend quality time by singing and playing with your baby. While feeding your baby, you can smile and laugh with your baby, and so on. Turn mundane activities into cherishing moments.

2. Find out what your baby loves and give him or her: Does your baby love you putting him or her on your chest or does your baby love when you swaddle him or her on your laps? Find out what works for your baby, that thing that makes them happy and share them together.

3. Dedicate playtime with your baby: Be intentional about spending quality time with your newborn. Dedicate time to specially having quality bonding time with your baby. Go a step further and schedule such periods on your calendar. This helps you take this time seriously and not skip it. We have seen mothers that schedule lots of things about their parenting and it has been helping them so far, you too can do that.

4. Sing or read aloud to your baby: Sing sweet lullabies or read bedtime stories to your baby. Your baby will be calm and listen to your sonorous voice. Don’t forget to relish these moments!

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