Have you ever thought of what it would be like running a business and being a new mum? You might be expecting a baby or you just gave birth to your bundle of joy and you are thinking about how you would cope with business.

First, you need to understand that being a mom and running a business requires a whole lot of tenacity, skill, balance, and patience. Balance is a key factor in managing your business and your home. The ability to manage your activities as a mum and a business owner, as well excel in both requires balance.
And so you need all the tips, resources, and tools you can get to help you successfully excel in both roles.

Here are some important tips to help you successfully navigate this journey:

1. Prioritize: You have to know what’s important to you and then plan accordingly. Do you need to do your baby’s laundry at the moment or you need to submit a full-page report the next day? You need to know how to effectively balance different activities

2. Have a clear schedule: Each day, set up a clear schedule for work and for your other activities as a mum. A clear schedule helps you to be more focused and goal-oriented for each day.

3. Automate what you can: There are a lot of automation tools available out there to help you get your work done faster. For emails, you can use MailChimp, you can use Hootsuite for social media, Shopify for online ordering, etc.

4. Ask for help: You can’t do everything on your own and so, it is important to ask for help when needed.

5. Outsource what you can: In business, there comes a time when you need to outsource some tasks and focus on the things you are best at. There are people online who would help you get mundane tasks done with ease. Some of the tasks you can outsource are administrative tasks, accounting, social media management, etc.

6. Create a residual income: A passive income or a residual income helps you generate revenue after you have done the main work. For instance, you can write an eBook, create an online course, rent your space, etc. to generate income. This would reduce stress and yet make you money.

7. Get enough rest: As much as you can, you should get enough rest. Your baby and business would thank you for taking adequate rest.

8. Set boundaries: Boundaries are important, especially when you are managing being a mum and handling a business. Know when to stop working and attend to your baby.

9. Learn to say 'no': Not all tasks can be done in a day or a month, part of running a thriving business is knowing when to say no and prioritise other things.

What are some other tips new moms can implement when managing a business together with motherhood? Do drop your comments below; we would love to hear from you.

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