Caring for your Babies Skin

As a parent, imagine red swollen skin in your baby’s diaper area that often hinders fun during diaper changes, or an itchy rash on the cheeks, scalp, or joints. There are numerous skin diseases that you can protect your baby from out there.

The skin is an organ – the largest – like other important parts of the body. It needs to be well taken care of so it can do its job. It helps protect the inner organs, aside from other crucial functions. However, we tend to take it for granted sometimes. Some skin conditions are as a result of sickness, allergies or personal hygiene. These are just a few tips for caring for your baby’s skin.

Regular baby bath time

The skin plays an important role in the excretory system – sweat glands in the skin help in temperature regulation. Hence, it is important that the skin is kept clean. For your baby, the first step is to watch the temperature and hygiene of the bath water. Children usually don’t require more than a gentle soap. Perfumed or deodorized, and antibacterial soaps are likely too strong for the baby’s skin. When your baby reacts to the soap, it’s best to discontinue use and report to a medical professional.

During bath time, you can pour cupfuls of the water over the shoulders to ensure your baby doesn’t catch cold. A moistened cotton ball can be used to dab the face. And once dry, the baby lotion should be applied immediately to seal in the moisture. The bath time should be regular to keep the baby’s body clean.

Watch baby products

Dear parents, it is very important to watch the content of products you use on your baby. Skin care products for babies are the best. Please do not attempt to manage scarce resources when it comes to your baby’s skin – and health generally. Watch your baby’s reaction to the products. In the case of an allergic one, stop!

Watch the weather

The system of your baby is still developing. Exposure to harsh weather conditions should be avoided. A minimal dosage of sunscreen could be applied to exposed skin, but check with your paediatrician. Loose clothing during the hot weather is not bad advice. During the winter, the dry weather can prove harmful. Lots of water during this period will help the skin too.

Watch baby at all times

Serious cuts, bruises, and even burns are regularly reported when a vigilant eye leaves a baby even for a second. Cleaning the cuts and bruises, and keeping it covered is basic first aid that your baby needs. Prevention of these injuries, as much as possible, is not a bad option here.

Watch the diapering

Diapers are good for babies, but they could also be a nightmare. The diapers should be changed frequently. The baby should be wiped gently, but thoroughly. The use of a diaper cream or a little warm water is important. The diaper area should be dry before the diaper is worn to avoid a diaper rash.

These are a few tips to ensure your baby’s skin remains as smooth, and disease-free as possible.


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