As a new mum, you would think you have gotten used to your baby and you probably know his or her baby signs and cues, including his or her eating and sleeping patterns. Then comes the time for teething and you are confused! How do you soothe your baby’s sore gums and make those pains go away? How do you reduce some of those sleepless nights?

First, you need to be sure of the signs and symptoms of teething so you would know for sure your baby is teething. Here are some of them:
- Sore gums
- Drooling
- Crankiness
- Flushed cheeks
- Chewing on objects
- Poor appetite
- Swollen and red gums

According to Mom365, “The teething process often starts between three and twelve months of age for babies. “And so you can look out for teething signs within these periods. However, some mothers notice teething signs in their babies starting from 2 months of age and that is why you have to be sure of these signs.

To navigate this phase successfully as a new mum, here are some effective tips to help you:
1. See your doctor for a remedy: Get a prescribed remedy for your baby.
2. Ease your baby’s pains by rubbing the gums: You can make use of your finger, but first, make sure you have cleaned your finger.
3. Teething rings: You can also use cool but not frozen teething rings on your baby’s gums in order to ease the discomforts.
4. Infant toothbrush or washcloth: One of the ways to soothe their pains is also by using a soft infant toothbrush or a clean damp washcloth on your baby’s gums
5. Drooling Bibs: Don’t forget to get drooling bibs to help keep your baby’s clothes dry
6. Finger foods: You can give your baby cold and healthy finger foods like chilled and sliced cucumber. However, you have to be very careful and ensure supervision so your baby doesn’t choke on the finger foods.

Don’t forget that once teeth start to appear, then you have to follow a good teeth care regimen for your baby. You can get dental care advice from your doctor and also be very cautious about your child’s teeth development.

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