As a new mom or an expectant mom, you need all the information, tips, guidance, and resources you can get for you to have a successful parenting experience. And with these Apps, you can have all that easily! Not only that, some of these Apps can also help you with your mommy duties.
The 5 best Apps for a new mom are:

1. Baby Centre App: This App is perfect for expectant moms. It would help you understand most of the important details you need to know pregnancy and parenting. It helps you calculate your due date and you can join groups who have similar due dates. It has information about your baby’s health, developmental milestones and so on. This App is available on Playstore and Apple store.

2. Today’s Parent My Family: This App will help you with the tools, guidance, resources, and information you need for your parenting journey. It helps you track your baby’s nursing progress, growth, daily milestones, and so on. This App is available on Apple store.

3. Growth App: This App is available on Apple Store and it helps you track the growth of your baby over time. You can also choose the different growth chart you want according to WHO or CDC templates.

4. Web MD Baby App: This put your baby’s health and wellness information within reach. The App which is available on App store and Playstore provides every mum with an extensive library of medically approved content to help you and your baby. A wide range of topics is covered such as feeding, nursing, sleeping patterns, growth and overall health of your baby.

5. Baby Sparks: This App assist you with specific developmental activities for your baby. It provides you with relevant monthly information and helps you to track your baby’s milestones and improvements.

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