Baby Week 10


Baby Movement

Your little one's movements are getting a bit more coordinated. You'll notice that the jerky arm and leg movements of his newborn days have given way to smoother, more circular motions, especially when he's watching people. Give your baby enough space to stretch and move his arms and legs. Lay a blanket on the floor and let him move as he pleases. These movements can help your baby strengthen and tone his developing muscles. On his tummy, he'll start to push off with his legs — the first step in getting on the move.

Sound sleep advice

Whether you envision your little one sleeping independently in a crib at an early age or sharing a family bed in the coming years, a soothing and predictable bed routine will help your child nod off and get the rest he needs. And it's not too early to start. Your routine can include rocking, singing, a bath, a bedtime story, cuddling with a transitional object (such as a soft blanket or stuffed animal), being carried around the house and saying goodnight to each room — whatever makes sense for your family. The ritual will evolve as your child gets older.

Making Routines for your Baby

A strict schedule can be too much for you and your baby, how can you establish a routine that works for everyone? Try to introduce a few anchors into your baby's day: a special chair for nursing, for example; a walk after lunch; and bath and bedtime at the same time and in the same way each evening. If she's feeding more frequently than you'd like, gradually stretch out the between-meal intervals by distracting her with a song, a toy, or a book. If she falls asleep without finishing a feed, try to wake her and encourage her to finish so you won't have to start again so soon. The goal: Help her ease into a pattern that's not too strict or too loose, but just right.

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